Vietnam account set-up

1. The question is: “I got a good run up in ISJP and was stopped out yesterday-in at 14.23 in august 2012 and out yesterday at 17. I am sure many would appreciate a view right now on PBV on Japan smallcaps.”   I cannot give you specific stock details anymore, and I am generally […]

Some notes, observations, and high-conviction forecasts

February 2, 2014

Some forecasts, notes, observations, and high-conviction forecasts High-conviction forecasts: 1. Many shall be restored that are now fallen and many shall fall that are now in honour 2. The predictions spouted throughout the general media shall be proven to be shortsighted 3. Nobody today has any clue about what the world will look like in […]

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Grilled chicken

December 13, 2013

Ok, so let’s say that you walking down Ratchadamri in Bangkok, looking for some juicy grilled chicken. You come across five grilled chicken stands in a row. Customers view the chicken stands in the same sequence, from 1 to 5, but do not necessarily view all five chicken stands before making a purchase. If you […]

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Japan has better pizza than Italy

November 17, 2013

Firstly, I was away in Europe, mainly focusing on eating in E.Europe and Italy. I wasn’t looking at the market since I sold down massively in May – near the top, even though my constant jibber-jabber about shorting did not materialize. I came back to Japan, and sitting in the onsen regularly has got me […]

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General update – ohisashiburi desu (“been a long time”)

August 8, 2013
Koala san in Bratislava

I wrote the general update below on a train in Poland three weeks ago. Currently I am in Bratislava. Here is a koala san using my computer in my hotel: Basically, not much is going on other than me gradually turning more bearish. Lack of value outside of Japan has just led to a general […]

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