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A translation service dedicated to Japanese financials – by investors for investors

Better quality Japanese translation at the same price as our competitors. Only $0.12 per character. Email now for a quote tailored to your document.

Full translations

Summary translations

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Full translations of Japanese financials – by investors for investors

We offer a professional Japanese translation service dedicated to financials. I am a former analyst and I supervise and check every translation job.

We translate contracts, quarterly and annual filings, investor presentations, and other documents.

Most translation companies do not really care what is written in your document. We are on the same page as you because we are investors ourselves. Instead of verbatim and confusing translations, we will take apart the apparent nonsense that is often found in written Japanese and give you intelligible English.

Advantages of choosing us

We are small, nimble, only do Japanese to English and focus mainly on financial statements, notes to accounts, and related text. Unlike other companies, we have a limited number of black-belt ninjas, rather than a sprawling herd of mixed ability. I have spent a lot of time training my translators, and when we take on work we know exactly who will be doing it, what they are like, and what their capacity is. We only take on work when we know we can get it done right and on time. Due to not outsourcing work, we are able to ensure complete confidentiality and can sign NDAs that mean something.

Disadvantages of choosing us

We do not take on a large number of clients, preferring to focus on long-term relationships (the reason why we have not been taking on any work outside Japan is because two big clients make up the majority of our work.) We do not do French, German, or Swahili. We prioritize existing clients. We operate on Japanese working hours. We do not have call centers full of “customer service representatives” (but the people dealing with your questions will know what they are talking about).

Our rates for full translation

Emergency: $0.20 per character

Normal: $0.12 per character

Email us now for a quote.


  1. If you can find a service of the same quality and a lower price, we will refund the difference.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns about your translation, we will answer all of them until you are completely satisfied.
  3. Unlike our competitors, we will not outsource your translation.


Summary translations

Summary translations are suited to investors who want to get more insight into Japanese financials, do not like the time and expense of a full translation, but still want a professional service by people on the same page as them.


What is a summary translation?

Instead of translating everything that an MD&A or Risks & Uncertainties section says, you get just the main points with anything that may be relevant to the company valuation.  See here for an example of the difference between a full and summary translation.

Why is this good?

Simply speaking, because it is cost effective and fast.

A summary translation will cut out the verbiage that is found throughout Japanese text. Summary translations can be used for MD&A statements, company descriptions, risk factors, company policies, news releases, and other wordy text.

Summary translations on average cost half the rate of full translations, namely $0.06 per Japanese character.

NB: For very simple text, such as a list of major shareholders or counterparties, there will not be any practical difference with a full translation, and that part will be charged like a full translation ($0.12 per character). There is a minimum charge of $150 per order.


How this compares with other translation services:


Faster – up to twice the speed of other companies due to close linkages between translators and proofreaders

Better value – due to less intermediation and higher quality (specialized – few translators are also investors, and you are much closer to the translator than with a big company)


We are mainly based in Japan (time difference delays are possible, particularly if you are in the US)

In requesting a summary translation, you are trusting the judgment of my team and my supervision to understand what you are looking for

Contact us now for a quote – tell us the company you are interested in and what documents you need summarized.


How much it costs:

Quotations are based on the number of characters to be summary-translated. The cost is usually around $6 per 100 characters, so a 3000-character MDA in an annual report will cost $150.

Since I know that it is not easy to find how long an MD&A is (you need to read Japanese to find it), here are some examples of how much text there is in wordy passages from three example companies (Techno Medica , Maeda Kosen, and DyDo Drinco). These are representative of the kinds of text for which you can order summary translations:

Character counts of example summary translations and prices

Techno Medica (6678) Maeda Kosen (7821) DyDo Drinco (9076)
MD&A  (AR’12) 1770 Characters  ($88.5) 950 Characters ($47.5) 2071 Characters ($103.55)
Description ofthe business 1797 Ch. ($89.85) 1229 Ch. ($61.45) 493 Ch. ($24.65)
Issues to be addressed 1362 Ch. ($68.1) 1341 Ch. ($67.05) 2642 Ch. ($132.10)
Risks and uncertainties 5872 Ch. ($293.6) 1622 Ch. ($81.10) 2386 Ch. ($119.30)


Quick reports

Have you ever been looking at a Japanese stock and just wanted to know any of these?


-Detailed balance sheet (as shown in the Japanese annual filing – including notes receivable, work in progress, raw materials, loans to related companies, prepayments, deposits, and a breakdown of investment assets such as related company shares, bankrupt bonds, etc.)

-Pension fund liabilities

-Major accounts receivable counterparties

-Reporting segments

-Order book/backlog (where applicable – some companies do not have order books)

-Earnings guidance


Well, you can now get all of this data in a Quick Report as soon as the following morning.


Here is Quick Report – Maeda Kosen Q1 2013, and you can see the accompanying Excel with the balance sheet.

You will notice that the balance sheet is (a) much more detailed, and (b) accurate, as opposed to what you often find with mainstream information providers such.  Here is an example:

Quick report balance sheet current assets:

Maeda Kosen Quick Report Balance Sheet Maeda Kosen Quick Report Balance Sheet

And here is the data for the same company from a free online source:

Maeda Kosen FT Balance sheet Maeda Kosen FT Balance sheet

Here is the version submitted to the Japanese government:

Maeda Kosen filing balance sheet Maeda Kosen filing balance sheet

As you can see, our version is different from the other service provider, but consistent with the official and more detailed Japanese one.


Note that additional items, such as the breakdown of SG&A, operating leases, major customers, bonds outstanding, or breakdowns of property, plant , and equipment; are available upon request.


How to do it:

1.  Select the company you are interested in

2. Send an email by clicking here.

3. Follow the instructions and pay $130 via a PayPal interface (credit cards accepted)

4. Get your report the next business day


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